Lima Riccardi Law Office - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2018
  • Location: Praia de Belas, Porto Alegre/RS
  • Length in Meters: 50m²

Project of a law office with 50m² located on the Praia de Belas District in Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul.

For the conception of the project that was completed in 2018, we used straight and timeless lines, always focusing on the functionality to facilitate the daily life at the office.

The layout was organized with a reception, lawyers’ room, main room with workstations and meeting room, adding an extra restroom for private use.

The hallway that connects the reception with the rooms is used as a library, leaving the complete collection of books available for consultation.

The view of Guaíba River is amazing and one of the highlights of the project, with a working station positioned so the view is the background to work to.

Clear glass divisions between rooms allow visual communication, and there’s the option of blinders between the layers of glass in case there’s the need for privacy.

The wood with a gloss finish brings lightness and the mirror on the reception doubles the size of the office, becoming the background for the furniture specially selected for the space.