J|P Home - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2020
  • Location: , Xangri-lá/RS
  • Length in Meters: 25m²


It took Caroline Kreling only a month and a half to transform the outside yard of an address on the North Coast, by creating a new metal pergola in an area of 25 square meters. The renovation by the architect of the surroundings of the house in Xangri-lá created a much better environment for the family during the summer, and ensured it was a pleasant location throughout the day and throughout the year. She managed this by providing a pleasant connecting area that linked the inside and the outside, which enabled them to make the most of it and to be able to relax in the style of the residences of Punta del Este. In the front, the refresh consisted of landscaping to make the pool more attractive and to highlight the leisure aspect.

– It was a soulless, lifeless space, and the client wanted to make better use of it and also make it more attractive, pleasant and sympathetic – states Caroline.

On the two open sides, awnings were installed with white sun shades – turned to the Southeast, as the area is exposed to the sun in several directions. On the other, the horizontal screens provide privacy, along with a transparent awning to provide protection from the wind and rain.

The fabrics chosen for the living room are weather resistant, especially to sunlight, so they will last longer. The white drapes, inspired by Punta, are made of easy-to-maintain washable material.

New plants, lighting and natural stones were included in the landscaping around the pool, blending it in around the pergola.

– I chose Napier grass because it is typical of Uruguay and also easy to look after. It is also a good option, as it doesn’t drop leaves, and that helps to keep the pool clean for longer – explains Caroline.

If you are interested in improving your house’s yard or roof, she recommends that you: “Take a careful look at the best use of space to begin with, then, good lighting and after that specific features that will make it pleasant, but always keep the areas feeling airy and light”.