E|R Home - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2018
  • Location: , Xangri-lá/RS
  • Length in Meters: 113.50m²

The design for the social/living area of the Gurski’s beach house was created having all family moments in mind!

Everyone in the family took an active role when designing the project and making choices during its execution; this is very special as it gave rise to a unique and very personalized result!

We deeply cherish all the moments and memories customers will keep when enjoying all the comfort and well-being we can provide with our projects!

The key elements involved in this project are: visual lightness, quality, elegance, and a laid-back atmosphere so people can enjoy themselves and relax.

The walls with double-height ceiling were fitted with white slatted panels and a mirror, reflecting light and eliminating the need for the openings in the wall that existed previously.

The straw and jute coverings allude to a rustic atmosphere in a very specific way, acting as a background element to the many objects full of charm that have been brought straight from Punta del Este.

The grill is one of the main highlights of the project, with everything coming together on a clean slate, made with a practical material and with an overhead niche in very light metal, therefore facilitating the handling of the glasses for guests.

Night falls and the lighting complements the mood of the house by conveying visual comfort and warmth, highlighting specific areas!

We completed the project with some unusual artwork! We saved the paintings for last because we knew it would be something very special, but then the idea of putting pictures on the walls came up! Travel photos taken by the family were printed on canvases and then properly framed, thus creating an extremely impactful and unique result!