I|O Apartment - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2018
  • Location: Bairro Petrópolis, Porto Alegre/RS
  • Length in Meters: 280m²

Timelessness and elegance were key words to compose this penthouse project located in the Petrópolis neighborhood, in the city of Porto Alegre, but which could also be in any other city in the world.

Usage definition was perfectly designed to welcome friends and family for the moments of celebration.

Natural wood with glossy finish serves as a backdrop for a clean decor with design pieces blended with the classic touch of emerald green velvet dining chairs, bringing charm and sophistication.

“In our office we strive towards first understanding the customer and then design the project assertively.”

The large porcelain tiles present in the gourmet area bench extends to the fireplace and shapes the hidden tub with a German tap system, which is totally retractable, freeing up space for the lid – the result is a completely clean surface.