CASACOR 2019 - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2019
  • Location: São João, Porto Alegre/RS
  • Length in Meters: 45m²


The “Sala Brasileira” project, for the prestigious decoration show Casa Cor RS 2019, arose from a reflection of the wonderful moment we are experiencing in regards to national design.

Top of the line and regional materials are transformed into clean, elegant and timeless furniture with an impeccable finish in the 45m² environment.

We seek to unite avant-garde design with what is new, where the passage of time has united much more than it has separated, reaffirming that quality design transcends generations and has become increasingly valued.

Our goal was to bring more than just aesthetics to the project. To take this opportunity to give the public visiting the show a little more culture and information, so that the visitors to the space can add more knowledge to what they already know about our “made in Brazil” design.

At the entrance of the room with its high ceilings, we are welcomed by the work “Lina”, from the artist Walmor Corrêa, which portrays the “Italian-Brazilian” architect Lina Bo Bardi in an unusual way, making us wonder what her creative brain would have been like, welcoming us and letting us know what is about to come, as we have 2 pieces from Lina in the environment, including the iconic and world-renowned “Bola de Latão” chairs.

The rays of the morning sun wash over the curved shapes of the space, alluding to the master of modern national architecture, Oscar Niemeyer, who has original designs displayed next to the “Pau Ferro” wood burning fireplace in neutral colors, inspired by the colors of the seeds from the native trees, creating a clean, cozy and minimalist atmosphere.

The furniture and objects were individually analyzed, each one belonging to a specific national designer to make up the final composition of the environment designed to welcome friends and listen to good music while enjoying drinks by the bar or enjoying the signature furniture.

Good conversations are engendered in an immersion of culture, with quality experiences and content.NAMES OF ARTIST AND DESIGNERS BEING FEATURED:

  • Claudia Moreira Sales (Cantante Light Fixture)
  • Danilo Lopes e Paula Gontijo (Curved Sofa)
  • Estudio Bola (Coffee table)
  • Guilherme Wentz (vases “Pós Tropical”)
  • Heloisa Galvão Studio (vases from the series Sólidos and series Mole)
  • Jader Almeida (sofa “Dora” , aerial sideboard “Elle” and stools “Easy”)
  • Lina Bo Bardi (chairs “Bola de Latão”)
  • Nada se Leva (sideboard)
  • Oscar Niemeyer (Drawings)
  • Paula Juchem (Head Sculpture)
  • Paulo Pasta (picture located on the Jader sideboard)
  • Walmor Corrêa (Lina Bo Bardi Work)
  • Xadalú (Picture suspended above the Nada Se Leva sideboard)