J|T Apartment - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2020
  • Location: Petrópolis, Porto Alegre/RS
  • Length in Meters: 160m²


This bespoke, versatile and timeless project is the result of three solutions plus strong design and artistry. The architect Caroline Kreling created panels, placed strategically to both conceal and divide the space. The result is a living area with an organized appearance.

– So that the apartment could have a range of uses without looking ugly, we installed panels to the hide the alternative uses, such as mirrored panels to hide away the office at the entrance of the apartment, slatted wooden panels to hide the kitchen, as well as mirrored panels to hide the crockery cabinet from the dining area – says Caroline in summary.

By altering the layout – removing the dividing wall between the laundry and the living room – it was possible to create an office, which could be hidden or left open by moving a mirrored sliding panel. This is close to the washroom and next to the hall, divided off by a flexible cabinet over which the Tombo lamp, by Guilherme Wentz, hangs, and which contains one of the ceramics from the Heloisa Galvão Studio. On the slatted wall, the feature is an engraving by Paulo Pasta (created at the Iberê Camargo Foundation).

In the living room by the fireplace is a marble panel made with bespoke joinery professionally-designed. On the top is a work by Walmor Corrêa and Guilherme Wentz’s Solitary Vase. The main feature of the design is the Mad armchair, by Jader Almeida, winner of an iF Design Award, which goes perfectly with the Mocho bench, by the master, Sergio Rodrigues.

On the other side, the dining area is separated from the living area by a buffet, on top of which is the Bonjour table lamp, by the icon Philippe Starck for Flos. This piece compliments another of designs: the Mercury pendant, by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide, which has a definitively elegant impact, which is reflected by the mirror panels of the crockery cabinet. Next is the cellar for 140 bottles. The living room at its base has a floor with a natural wood finish and herringbone pattern.

The barbecue area connects the dining room to the kitchen, which can be opened up by moving the dividing panels. The more personal areas of the apartment have a timeless elegance.