A|M RESIDENCE - Caroline Kreling

  • Date: 2021
  • Location: Três Figueiras, Porto Alegre/RS
  • Length in Meters: 100m²


A new home reflected the need for a decoration style suited to the current owners. In order to reflect their lifestyle, architect Caroline Kreling says that “a more modern, natural, cozy and practical approach was the basic premise for the early stages of the project”.

Natural materials are used in a contemporary way, bringing an stylish flair in combination with striking natural elements – the garden, which seems to penetrate the house with the use of suspended plants, and a beautiful green wall in combination with the staircase connecting the lower and upper floors.

This sums up our proposal, marked by lightness, organic shapes and a contemporary living space. Natural wooden slats are the main material used in the fireplace wall, as if involving the rough travertine stone used and also disguising the cabinet doors. That same stone was used in other situations, such as the backdrop of the wall on which floating shelves were affixed and on the opposite wall, covered from floor to ceiling next to the doors of the overhead sideboard.

Organic lines that create movement and make reference to the natural elements found in the environment are all part of signature pieces: they can be found on the coffee tables designed by Roberta Banqueri and on the dining table, surrounded by chairs upholstered in natural leather, designed by Estudio Bola. Even small objects, like the ceramic vases of the Moles Series, designed by Estúdio Heloisa Galvão, are in tune with this ambiance.